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Attending practice on a regular basis is expected, encouraged, and rewarded. Consistent practice is the only way to learn, improve, and maintain skills, speed, and endurance. The success of the team as a whole depends on each team member doing their part! Coaches will spend a considerable amount of time teaching skills and techniques (especially early in the season) so it's very important to have as many swimmers at practice as possible. Our coaches will do their best to give each swimmer as much individual attention as possible. However, the main focus of practice sessions will be on the needs of the group as a whole. If your swimmer needs additional individual instruction, please speak with a coach before or after practice.

Although practice times are designated by age groups, coaches may ask some swimmers to adjust their practice times because of their level of experience and/or ability.

Please notice there is an intentional overlap with practice times. The next group coming in will do dryland while the previous group finishes their cool-down. Please have your swimmers to practice at least 5 minutes early so they will be prepared to start on time with their group. Be sure to send everything they will need at practice: tennis shoes, practice suit, swim cap, goggles, water bottle, and towel. Coaches encourage staying hydrated throughout practice but do not allow swimmers to share water bottles so please be sure to send them with their own bottle. If your swimmer has fins or paddles, send them along too.  Coaches will employ these tools to enhance practice sessions.  If you do not already have these items, you can easily find them at on-line vendors or Different Strokes.  

If your swimmer has hair to the shoulders or longer, she/he must have the hair pulled back in a ponytail/braid or tucked up inside a swim cap. Swimmers do not have to wear a Woodbrooke swim cap at practice. Any cap is fine.  At meets, however, all swimmers must wear the current Woodbrooke team cap per NSSL rules.

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