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Swim Team Committee Postions

Serving on the Swim Team Committee is truly a labor of love encompassing an untold number of commitment hours.  We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to our members who are willing to take on such great responsibility in service of our Team and Club: Thank You!  Please be sure to extend your own sentiments of gratitude.

Chairperson (full points), Cheryl MacDonald and Erin Smith – administrate all aspects of the swim team:  attend Club Board Meetings, facilitate communication between coaches, Board, and members, process swimmer registration, update website, recruit volunteers for Coordinator Positions

Volunteer Manager (full points), Dawn Eisenscher – set up volunteer assignment details, organize and track parent work requirements, confirm volunteer shifts are fulfilled and re-schedule those that are missed 

Concessions Manager (full points), Natalie Campbell – run Concession Stand for 3 dual Home Meets and B-Finals

Warrior Spirit Director (full points), Dianna Rose – create season’s theme, design Team Shirt, prepare craft project for Kick-off Picnic, coordinate Pancake Breakfast & Finals Spirit Prep

NSSL Rep & Meet Manager (full points), George MacDonald – attend NSSL meetings; supervise pool set-up for home meets; greet and pay Official; set up starting equipment for home meets; distribute and collect stopwatches at home meets; orient timers, runners, and finish writers; assign timers to lanes; act as the back-up timer

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Coordinator Positions

These positions require a greater amount of time commitment than the Swim Meet Jobs & Social Event Jobs. They also involve some degree of planning, coordinating or supervising. Some will fulfill a family’s work requirement.

Water Warrior Banquet Coordinator (full points), Laurie Olson - coordinate end-of-season banquet

Marshalling Coordinator (full points), Erica Saum - set up Marshalling area at all swim meets, orient and supervise Marshallers, pack up Marshalling supplies

Concessions Assistant Coordinator (full points), Laura Kesner – assist Concession Manager

Bagel Breakfast Coordinator (full points), Christina Holland– purchase supplies for serving breakfast, order bagels, set up Bagel Breakfast, orient servers

Scoring Coordinator (full points), Henry and Danielle Ilyasov– NSSL Computer Contact, manage scoring process using Meet Manger software at 3 home meets and B-Finals

Ribbons Coordinator (full points), Janelle Woodruff- coordinate and manage ribbons at home meets and B-Finals

Wave Pool Outing Coordinator (half points), Ann Fitzsimons- coordinate outing with Tennis Team

Awards Coordinator (half points), Danielle Ohm  - coordinate medals and special awards for Banquet

Team Merchandise Coordinator (full points), Susan Harvath - compile orders, work with vendor to order and deliver merchandise on time, distribute merchandise with help of assistants

Kick-Off Picnic Coordinator (full points), Leigh Collins - set up the tables, purchase the hot dogs, hamburgers and buns and coordinate the potluck food items, organize the volunteers 

Pancake Breakfast Coordinator (half points), TBD - coordinate the vendor and volunteers for the pancake breakfast

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Swim Meet Jobs

Just show up and work – easy like Sunday morning!

Swimmer Check-In/Hand Marker:   arrive approx. 1/2 hour prior to Woodbrooke warm-up; check-in swimmers as they arrive for warm-up and mark their hands with event, heat, lane once heat sheets are available

Lane Line Cards: home meet only; report to lobby 1/2 hour before meet start; put line-up print outs into order for each lane and clip onto each lane’s clipboard for the timers to use

Heat Sheets:  home meet only; report to computer table 1/2 hour before meet start; make copies of Heat Sheets at local copy center for home meets, sell heat sheets to meet attendees

Announcer:  home meet only;  announce events, participants’ names, scores, etc.

Marshaller:  report to Woodbrooke marhsalling area shortly before meet start; post event numbers on marshalling board, line swimmers up and lead them to the starting blocks.

Timer:  report to requested location for timer's meeting (approx. 15 minutes before meet start); time each event with supplied stopwatches and record times

Finish Writer:  home meet only; report to meet official at meet start; record the results as the meet official calls out the lanes in order of finish

Runner:  home meet only; report to computer table at meet start; collect timer's slips and order of finish after each event and deliver to the scoring desk

Ribbons:  home meet only; report to ribbon table at meet start; attach printed labels to the ribbons for each event, distribute ribbons to swimmers

Concession Purchase:  home meet only; shop for perishable food items and supplies for the Concession Stand (shopping list is provided and expenses will be reimbursed); deliver to club the day before the meet

Concession Prep:  home meet only; package items for individual sale, organize items, cook ingredients if appropriate (This will take place the morning of the meet from 10am-12pm. Please bring cutting board and paring knife for fruit/veggies.)

Concession Worker:  home meet only; 1st half to organize and set up stand and sell concessions, 2nd half to sell concessions and clean up (There is time available to watch your swimmers compete.)

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Social Events Jobs

Want to enjoy your time at the Swim Meets without having to juggle a job commitment? These jobs offer a great way to rack up your points outside of Swim Meets.

Kick-off Picnic:  set up, serve & clean up

Kick-off Spirit Project Helper:  assist Warrior Spirit Director with craft project

Merchandise Distribution Assistant:  assist with distribution of Team Shirts and Woodbrooke Wear orders 

Bagel Breakfast Server:  morning of dual meets: serve bagels, drinks & clean up

Pancake Breakfast Server: set up, serve & clean up

Finals Spirit Prep:  assist Warrior Spirit Director with Finals Spirit preparation on morning of Pancake Breakfast

Water Warrior Banquet Worker:  set up, serve, & clean up

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